To Suppress Road Accidents, Government Limits Maximum Driving Speed

The Ministry of Transportation issued the Minister of Transportation Regulation regarding the procedures for determining the speed limits of motorized vehicles. This regulation will be effective in February 2016. At this time the regulation is entering the stage of socialization to the public.
According to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Transportation, this regulation is to limit the maximum speed on the highway. It is hoped that this regulation can reduce the number of accidents. Data from the International Police shows that 14% of road accidents in 2014 occurred due to human factors (human error), one of which was exceeding the speed limit. Vehicle speed limits are enforced according to road conditions and class.
The following is an overview of Permenhub 111/2015:
The determination of the speed limit is determined nationally and is stated by traffic signs:

  1. A minimum of 60 (sixty) km/hour in free flow conditions and a maximum of 100 (one hundred) km/hour for expressways;
  2. Maximum 80 (eighty) km/hour for intercity roads;
  3. Maximum 50 (fifty) km/hour for urban areas; and
  4. Maximum 30 (thirty) km/hour for residential areas.
    The highest speed limit can be set lower on the basis of the following considerations:
  5. High frequency of accidents in the road environment concerned;
  6. Changes in road surface conditions, road geometry, the environment around the road;
  7. Community proposals through traffic and road transportation forum meetings in accordance with the level of road status.
    The authority to set speed limit changes is carried out by:
  8. Minister, for national roads
  9. Governor, for provincial roads
  10. Regent, for district and village roads
  11. Mayor, for city streets
    Sanctions that will be given to vehicle drivers who violate the highest or lowest speed limits are imprisonment for a maximum of 2 (two) months or a fine of a maximum of $ 500
    In implementing this rule, the Ministry of Transportation together with the Police will carry out surveillance using tools such as CCTV and other technologies that are being prepared. So that if someone violates it and is recorded on CCTV, the police can take action.